What are the Benefits of Using a Yoga Blanket for Yoga


Have you heard about yoga blankets? Do you know what What are the Benefits of Using a Yoga Blanket for Yoga? Yoga blankets aren’t just beautiful and fun to look at—they’re also instrumental in helping you get the most out of your yoga practice. Yoga blankets are typically made from cotton or wool, which provide traction, padding, and warmth during your workout.

So whether you’re using it on top of your mat or under your mat, there are plenty of benefits to using a yoga blanket when practicing yoga. These can help you deepen your poses and get the most out of your practice, no matter what style of yoga you prefer. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of using yoga blankets to practice yoga.

Anatomy of a Yoga Blanket

Before we talk about what a yoga blanket is used for, let’s take a quick look at what exactly it is. Technically, it’s known as a yoga mat towel. However, it isn’t really a blanket but rather an oversized towel made with microfiber that measures around 70 x 28 inches and comes in several colors and patterns. 

It has an extra-thick, plush material to provide stability while working on hardwood floors or other surfaces without absorbing sweat. Most importantly, though, it won’t bunch up under your body when you’re in downward dog—although I guess that’s not true if you’re just using it to wrap up in on chilly mornings; just don’t do that either!

Traditional Yoking

The purpose of using a yoga blanket during traditional yoga is to help keep you warm. When many people first start doing yoga, they’re worried about how they’ll be able to complete poses when they’re hot and sweaty. In fact, you should welcome these feelings – they show that your body is engaged in an active exercise session! However, sometimes it can get cold in your room or on your mat, and having something soft between you and them will help keep you warm and comfortable.

How to Use a Yoga Blanket During Practice

A Beginner’s Guide Despite what you may have heard, yoga blankets aren’t just for lying down in savasana. They can be used throughout your practice to help achieve proper alignment, promote fluid movement, and keep you comfortable in tricky poses.

Why Use a Yoga Blanket

If you’re new to yoga, you might be wondering why everyone around you seems to have blankets in their yoga bags—or why all those online classes start with what looks like people getting cozy on top of giant comforters. If you want to know if they’re worth investing in, here’s what they do and how they work. And if blanket yoga just isn’t your thing, that’s okay! Just skip ahead to our other recommendations. Why Use an Exercise Mat Whether you think it adds comfort or don’t even notice it under your body, an exercise mat protects your skin from sweat and prevents yoga poses from causing discomfort or injury.

Best Brands

Many brands sell yoga blankets, but Prana and Manduka stand out. A blanket is typically made of synthetic materials like polyester or cotton. To ensure it’s durable, check if it has a satin-like finish (which indicates that it is smooth and not too rough on your skin) and look at its thread count (higher is better). If you’re looking for something more natural, consider buying one made with silk or wool. Many people prefer Prana’s Nightfall blanket due to its 400-thread count, soft feel, and durability. Others love Manduka’s high-quality Practice Yoga Pro Blanket because it comes in so many different colors.

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